Jeever Madness

Using simple objects found in stores and markets, artist Hew Locke creates comical and critical works on the nature of historical and contemporary violence in the global south. Nicollette Ramirez writes of Locke’s work in Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art:

The London-based artist Hew Locke counts Kurt Schwitters (the early modernist who incorporated recycled everyday objects in his assemblages) as one of several artistic influences on his work…[others include] the life, landscape, and dress of Guyana, where Locke was raised; symbols of British royalty including the coat of arms and the queen’s head from stamps and coins; images of the royal family in the mainstream press; and imagery from Catholic icons. These varied elements drawn from high and low culture coalesce in a body of humorous and grotesque sculpture, installation, painting, and drawing that uses signs and symbols associated with nationalism to address the drama, memory, and history of colonialism throughout the African diaspora.

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